For Those Still Figuring It Out…

It’s okay to not have goals yet. I started telling myself when I was 19 that I wasn’t going to force myself to have my shit together until I was 25. That’s allowed me to grow without pressuring myself, while acknowledging I’m going to start living more intentionally at some point. You don’t need toContinue reading “For Those Still Figuring It Out…”

What if Atoms Could Think?

What if an atom could think and perceive it’s surroundings. What would it make of the world it found itself in. It would see the other atoms around it, it might find itself attaching and detaching from other atoms. sometimes it might find itself constantly passing atoms, never staying in one place. Other times itContinue reading “What if Atoms Could Think?”

Human-Driven Cars Will Be The New Horse

I believe that the transition to self-driving cars in some ways will mirror going from the horse-and-carriage to the modern car. Many people in the early 1900’s didn’t care for the automobile as it was becoming more popular, they preferred horses or walking. Eventually it became cheap enough for the common person to own oneContinue reading “Human-Driven Cars Will Be The New Horse”